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On 29th March 2019, the UK could leave the EU, and with it, our EU Citizenship could be snatched away.

If you wish to retain your EU Citizenship no matter what happens with the ongoing discussions between Mrs May, Mr Davis, Mr Verhofstadt and Mr Barnier, then you have an opportunity to register your wish here. This is a non-binding poll a little like the 2016 UK EU Referendum. Unlike the Referendum, however, every citizen is free to make their wishes known here, and we would really encourage you all to do so in the spirit of democracy. It is possible that many people will register, and we are only a very small team at present, but we would encourage you all to sign up if you so wish. If numbers become large - or perhaps very large - we will then appeal for your help to deal with administration. We feel that it is right to canvas opinion not only from all UK EU citizens, but also from all non-UK EU citizens, and so we have two questions:

  1. If you are a UK Citizen, would you like to retain your EU Citizenship, quite irrespective of the outcome of any "brexit" negotiations. Answer : Yes or No
  2. If you are not a UK Citizen, but a Citizen of another EU Country, would you like to ensure that all UK EU Citizens have the right to retain their EU Citizenship, quite irrespective of the outcome of any "brexit" negotiations. Answer: Yes or No

Please could you sign up here, and answer questions 1 or 2, but not both. If you have any questions , please do just send us an email to info@eucitizenship.org.uk and we will try to answer you within 24 hours.

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